Sounds: It’s Sunday // “Comme Un Fool”

Paris-based label Howlin’ Banana Records knows how to pick gems and raise them to the alter where they belong. And, they weren’t making a mistake or taking any chances with It’s Sunday—the band is 90’s Seattle grunge instrumentally with submerged vocals, making their French lyrics all the more romantic.

The new Paris-based duo was formed by Lucas Lecacheur—known for playing in various local bands (Bad Pelicans, Lemon Swell), and his girlfriend Dawnie Perry, who came from California to study in Paris. They initially started playing music to kill time on Sundays, hence the name of the band. Comme c’est classique.

Dawnie learnt drumming from scratch (which, can we just take a moment to bask in her genius), and they started writing songs together.

“Comme un fool” is shoegaze at it’s core, channeling some of our favorite bands, The Jesus & Mary Chain, Slowdive, and My Bloody Valentine. But what we get from “It’s Sunday” that we regrettably don’t get from those other iconic bands, is that layer of French songwriting and vocals—making music that is hypnotising and wrapped in an air of mystery.

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