Sounds: Knightingale // “Demons”

Anywhere I go now Baby
Demons are surrounding me lately!

Knightingale “Demons”

From Singapore comes this tightly-wound pop-rock trio, Knightingale. With neatly crafted yet edgy melodies that harken back to a louder Flaming Groovies or the Raconteurs, the group slices out a hunk of rock that jams a verse-chorus-bridge in a minute 30 seconds—something that would make the Ramones gasp for air.

This bass-less band eschews harmony for a mainline of melody over tight chord progressions. The results are earworms that target those brain cells that have been waiting for a party.

Knightingale is not here to recreate the saccharine of pop-rock of the second wave of 90s grunge or alternative, they are ready to perfect it. Their songs are quick, but potent doses of rock music that get to the point without all of the experimentation.

“Demons” is a cranked-up power rock with banshee like screams in between some serious melody and guitars.

It’s a band from Singapore that is ready to wring out some sweat and honesty into quick cuts of ‘love song rock’ and their live shows are more than perfect examples of this interest. They have honed their abilities of song craft and energy, and we’re all better off for their hard work and amplifier cranked decisions.

-Miles Rinehart

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