Sounds: Kol Kay // “These Days”

This cover by Kol Kay is one of like ten covers that we’ve published on Left Bank; you see, we tend to go for original tracks, not makeovers or iterations of songs’ past. There are some exceptions, however, and “These Days” by Kol Kay fits into that category. Covers that come along and sound like something that the original artist would have never thought to do; covers that are so original they hurt, well, those are the kinds of covers that see their way on the site.

Taking Nico’s “These Days” and bastardizing the hell out of it so the original is barely apparent—Kol Kay goes full on punk with this melancholy tune, and it’s just what is needed. It’s what Nico would have wanted in this godforsaken political and social climate of 2019 America. Kol Kay screams through the lines with such power, angst, and pure sadness that it’s reminiscent of the feelings and sentiment Nico herself experienced. This rendition is pure at heart, full of strength, and something that very few have considered—or would consider–doing. Velvet Underground and Nico is perfect in all of its iconic glory, and no one would think to touch it, right? But what happens is that someone with a lot of gumption and perhaps too much time on their hands, goes and makes a track that rivals the original.

Kol Kay’s “These Days” was recorded in a living room in south Philly and it’s so DIY and visceral it hurts. You’ve done it my friend, you’ve made a cover that I can get all the way the fuck behind.

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