Sounds: Las Aves // “A Change of Heart”

Oooooh does this track by Parisian pop project Las Aves hit home. Their music video for “A Change of Heart” is less a music video and more of a short film. It’s a feminist anthem for relationships—breakups, making up—and all of the messiness that ensues as you figure your shit out.

The trio’s acclaimed first album Die In Shanghai made a brash and lasting mark on the somewhat well-behaved and isolated pop scene, and “A Change of Heart” is the perfect fuck-you follow up. Filled with high pitched vocal hooks bouncing over shoegazy synth pads, the song seems to be a direct attempt at describing melancholia with the tools—and confines—of generation Z.

The music video follows a love story between two young girls that meet on a TV show and eventually escape from it, to leave their love in the “real world.” Shot by Jules Cassignol in Hong Kong, it’s a meteoric and yet cruel tale in Thelma And Louise fashion, from true love to desperation. Or is it the other way around?

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