Sounds: OVER // “Lateral Move”

There is nothing forced about the tune “Lateral Move” from the Toronto-based duo OVER . It’s not quite all electronic, and not quite total shoegaze; it’s a mix of the two genres in an elegant fusion that feels natural, and not overdone.

The tune comes in like a wave, grips you entirely, sails you out to sea, and then brings you back as if nothing at all happened. It’s clean, safe sex: a tune that deserves to be played at Berghain at 4 a.m. when you’ve found and conquered a new partner, but aren’t quite ready to take them home. It’s the afterhours purgatory that makes you feel both anticipatory but also not over the night. The Gregorian-esque vocals drip on you in a moment that feels slightly spiritual; you don’t want any of it to end.

An auspicious fusion of automated drone and futuristic folk, heavily layered with samples and cold percussion places OVER firmly in the likes of their contemporaries Panda Bear, Andy Stott, Atlas Sound and Boards Of Canada. Inspired by broken dreams and broken appliances, OVER liberates themselves from the confines of sample-based music and brings forth something eclectic, original, and highly satisfying.

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