Sounds: Pizzagirl // “dennis”

Liverpool-based artist Pizzagirl makes the kind of music that you dance in your underwear to, while constantly refreshing your Instagram and Facebook to see if the guy you like has responded to your message.

The lyrics are simple and accessible: it tells the story of a man who is jealous over a new guy “Dennis” who is 43 and like, totally, stole your girl. For anyone who has been slighted in this manner, you feel Pizzagirl; we all have a little Pizzagirl in us. What I value about the tune is that it could easily be a moody, Morrissey-esque post-punk tracks that aides you in your wallowing over a lost sweetheart, but Pizzagirl takes a familiar trope and switches it up into a danceable, funky tune. “dennis” takes all of your sadness and self-pity and says ‘fuck it, someone stole your girl, let’s dance it off.’

Pizzagirl teaches us that we can have feelings, acknowledge them, feel slightly sorry for ourselves, and then shake that shit off—it’s a valuable lesson wrapped inside of a slightly ridiculous song. But, sometimes you just need to end the year with a tune like this one.

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