Sounds: So Sensitive // What’s A Girl To Do?

The debut single “What’s A Girl To Do” from So Sensitive is so incredibly promising, I’m a little shocked. The duo is made up of Kira Clark and Keith McGraw, who were in the critically-acclaimed Muscle and Marrow (I knew that this wasn’t their first rodeo), but with the 2016 election, they ended up closing one chapter and opening another.

With a tragedy also rises something beautiful?

What we got then was the band So Sensitive, which is both feminist and feminine in approach. Their synth-pop is a not-so-silent fight against what being a woman is expected to look like. It’s less about the image and more about the songwriting, and So Sensitive sticks a dagger in female stereotypes and tropes with their tune (and video) “What’s A Girl To Do?”

Covered my father’s face with dirt and with flowers (is it what I want) / I was a vessel for the dead (is it what I want) / I’m not a child I’m far from home now (is it what I want) / So I hope he stops haunting my pretty head (is it what I want is it what I want)

Watch the stunning video below and stay tuned for more from So Sensitive. It’s no secret that this is a band you want to watch in 2020.

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