Video: Abc Dialect // “Magic”

There’s nothing I love more than an indie rock track that has a flute in it. Giving me vibes similar to the somewhat perfect scenario of Parcels and NYC-based NTHNL starting a band together, Abc Dialect’s “Magic” is everything I want out of a tune. Especially as the year comes to a close and I have motivation to do as little as possible.

Formed in 2017 by London-based Argentinians, Tomás Susevich and Luca Oliva Knight, the two producers are busy putting their instruments to work in their Barcelona-based studio. Their sound features live electronic instrumentation, melodic and soft vocals, and a rhythm that is full of funk. What you get then is a track that is equal parts indie rock and house; pure genius I tell you.

The video for “Magic,” tells the story of a young man purchasing a bird from the store and the companionship he finds with his new pet; it’s a simple story backed by the single’s groovy instrumentation.

For this track we’ve decided to go with a more organic approach … recording live drums together with keyboards and bass and then adding some guitars, synths, flute and vocals. We tried to keep the instrumental as simple and groovy as possible in order to give more space to the vocals and the flute which are the key elements on this track. The lyrics are simple but effective and relatable. The song had started being much more electronic and fast until we understood that it was meant to be much more real and pure.”

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