Video: The Blunt Franklys // “When yr around”

The Los Angeles-band The Blunt Franklys speak so much truth in their new track “When yr around.” It confronts a very millennial way of looking at dating: with us things are a lot more transient, less stable, and less defined. I often think about dating in terms such as ‘will I still like this person in a week/ a month/ a year/ five years/forever.”

What I like about the lofi indie surf tune “When yr around” is that it breaks down dating—and a relationship—to its nuts and bolts. It shows that we all have our doubts and can get in our head a lot when thinking existentially about something, but at the heart of something it’s how do you feel when you’re around that person?

“Feelings they die or they grow / So I don’t know / How this will feel”

I love how pure and honest this track is by The Blunt Franklys, but with a name like theirs it’s hard to imagine them approaching songwriting any other way.

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