Sounds: Le Module // “Lovers in Twos”

I absolutely love a chill house // indie electronic track that comes out of the UK. Between them, Germany, and Sweden, that’s where you’re going to find the best house and electronic music. Period.

Which brings me to the very Le Module (Joe Robbins) and his soulful indie rock meets tropical house tune “Lovers in Twos,” which comes across like a dark, late-night cabaret. It’s something that should be properly experienced—preferably at night, when all of the children and devout have gone to bed. This isn’t a track for just anybody, with those John Legend-esque vocals and layered instrumentals, and when the trumpets come out, that’s when you know you’ve reached something of a heathenistic nirvana.

Previously one half of dance duo Pavan, after several semi-legendary parties in the Molten Keys garden studio, the time felt right for Robbins to do a solo project. With this project, he is able to explore more of his more experimental tendencies and his talent for traditional songwriting, while drawing on the drum machine and synth-based euphoria that made a Pavan party so magical.

Inspired by the queen Grace Jones herself, the London-based electronic artist demonstrates his vocal and multi-instrumental prowess in “Lovers in Twos” and we are all better for it.

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