Sounds: Mating Ritual // Future Now

Mating Ritual as a duo between brother Ryan Lawhon and Taylor Lawhon, that pushes driving
80’s style drums and an army of synths to drive home the point of “Future Now”.

“I wanna live fast/ I wanna live free/ I wanna beach house next to the beach/ but I need
more money!”

The materialism of the lyrics is just that kinda thing that the brothers Lawhon would play
with in their songwriting. “We want the future now/ so lets take it” screams brother Ryan through curdling distorted vocals as if shouting over the soulless capitalism that we all secretly stare at.

The Lawhon’s come off almost Iggy Pop glam with their tongue-in-cheek revolution at
the hands of a Peter Gabriel-esque bridge buildup. The duo turns on a dime between
indie-pop drive and dance club madness. The results: pure end of the night burn.
If L.A. can survive these brothers’ brand of indie-pop boldness, than draw the curtain for
the rest of the world.

-Miles Rinehart

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