Sounds: Gumiho // Destroyed Warranty

Pure, raw energy with a fun vibe, describes Gumiho’s “Destroyed Warranty,” perfectly. Punk gives way to a more “tap your feet” type instrumental, but the lyrics keep with a general theme of angst, which can be heard in the vocals of Caspin. Her vocal delivery will instinctively make you want to start head banging along to the driving bass line and straightforward drum accompaniment. 

“Dead heart, numb soul, pretty dress, high heels…” It feels as though she’s singing of how one can fake it by dressing up, but can’t cover up the feelings of numbness and feeling dead inside, in a world where so many thoughts and ideas seem to be formed on perception alone; highly detrimental when it comes to comparison in the age of social media. Which actually makes the simplicity of these lyrics relatable and philosophical at the same time.

The band hails from Seoul, Korea and really took shape when Caspin joined the band in February of 2019. Other members include Yujin (guitar), Stephen (drums) and Matt (bass/backing vocals). This single is included on their debut EP, titled Gumiho, which was released in late April of 2019. 

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