Sounds: High Street Disco’s Artists to Watch

Happy New Year friends and foes of the Left Bank! It’s exactly 11 days in and I’m feeling slightly overwhelmed (see: very overwhelmed) and not entirely optimistic. Perhaps it’s just the funk settling from the holidays with obnoxious family members and running into ex-lovers. Maybe you’re also feeling like this. Maybe you think the people who run Left Bank are dramatic and crazy. Maybe it’s both?

One good thing to come from last year is the launch of our little sister site, High Street Disco—featuring articles related to feminism, news, entertainment, and music, and tailored to self-identifying women and feminists. In honor of the glowup of High Street Disco, and some good things coming for them, we put together a playlist that only those disco babes (as they call themselves) would approve.

These are the bands and artists to watch this year. Mark our words (and your calendars if they are coming to your town).


Sky Civilian – Let’s Be Easy (feels like: tropical house Bali nights meets Lower East Side dance party)

Frogi – time (reminiscent of: Taylor Swift-esque anthemic choruses, frogi is full of impressive vocals set within an ethereal soundscape)

Strange Neighbors – Pink Flamingo (why you should care: up-and-coming New York based band with strong vocals, catchy as hell melodies, and an impressive live performance)

Hollie Col- Unholy (feels like: Austin on a summer night with funloving vocals and a chorus that feels like you’re being hugged by your best girlfriend)

Maiden China – Thursday night (feels like: Australian sunsets, payday and drinks on a rooftop, or laying in bed all day with a new crush. Maiden China defines bedroom pop—and we are better for it)

Alara – A Blackened Rose (reminiscent of: a darker, deeper Kylie Minogue, with MSMR-esque instrumentals and lyrics that are nothing short of poetry. Plays well with: Verité)

Quelle Rox – Sparkly Eyes (feels like: the first time having sex with the person you will fall in deep, true love with. The Brooklyn-based producer is the Lana Del Rey of Brooklyn bedroom pop)

Palm Haze – Floating (why you should care: For fans of My Bloody Valentine and Cocteau Twins, the Ilhabela, Brazil to Vancouver, Canada band feature angelic, ethereal vocals met with almost-metal guitars. It’s strong, wild, and empowering.)

Photo by Inga Seliverstova