It is time to get f*ing weird! It’s 11pm on the East Coast, everyone is out at sick concerts or refreshing their website for the Powerball numbers (America is weird), and to top it off—or make it all better—we have this hilarious and super cool video from BĘÃTFÓØT.

One of the top drummers in the Israeli scene (Red Axes, theAngelcy), the Tel-Aviv based producer BĘÃTFÓØT launched his solo project with the EP De Vibez—a fanciful gutter-glam cross between stoner-acid-pop and 90’s-garage-punk.

The track and video for “Hashmal” gives us some serious Prodigy vibes, with a funny spin to it. The opening mantra “Ad She Itze Hashmal” means in Hebrew: “Until electricity comes out,” and influenced the whole concept behind the video.

Watch it below.

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