Video: Allan Rayman // Stitch

Allan Rayman gives us part home video, part short film in this New York-love story music video for his track “Stitch.” The singer/songwriter has somewhat of a cult following from his projects (Hotel Allan, Roadhouse 01 and Courtney) which has led him to playing sold-out headline tours in the US and Canada.

What’s impressive is that he can do all of that and still not take himself too seriously—as the video shows.

“Stitch” humanizes Allan Rayman—taking him from beyond the stage and the sold-out crowds to backstage and sidewalk views of what his life is; what a life is. With all of these festivals and shows he plays, it’s easy to get lost in the fandom or the popularity and this film just makes Allan—and his life—a lot more real. Which might be the point.

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