Sounds: F*ck January, a mixtape

Does anyone else on the Left Bank have incredible back and shoulder and life pains? I don’t know about you but the first two weeks of January were utter shite. America had a long, 3 day-weekend thanks to Martin Luther King Day (bless) and I’m starting to feel a lot more like myself. Starting being the operative word.

In honor of what will hopefully be the worst month of the year, I’ve put together a playlist of tunes that are loud, angry, sad, and sassy. Here’s to February.

Springfield Elementary – Machine Fiend

The first three seconds into “Machine Fiend” and you know that you’ve got a band that knows their way around a rock tune. The Manchester-based band Springfield Elementary gives us quintessential British rock—urgent, melodic at the chorus, and featuring a slight angry English accent poking through. I cannot complain.

Made up by Billy Goodwin (Vocals/Guitar), Brad Lewis (Lead Guitar), Liam Moffat (Bass) and Chris Tomkinson (Drums), the punk four-piece were born out of blind optimism that as a band they could salvage some credibility for themselves (one broken guitar string at a time).

Their track “Machine Fiend” is representative of the last half of 2019 and this fucking fucked up January. I’ll be sure to call them the next time I’m having a bad day because these boys know how to rock. You’ve got a spot on Left Bank anytime you release a new track; you get us.

Hideous Sun Demon – Good Time

“No I don’t know how to go on a date”

Aussies Hideous Sun Demon have made the best ‘f*ck you/f*ck me/f*ck the world’ track with their raucous, anthemic “Good Time.” The track starts out with Girl Band-esque vocals (with an Aussie twist) about how they don’t know how to have a good time, go on a date, be around kids, etc. It’s a track of just complaining, and it feels so great.

The relentless pace is set by the rhythm section of Jake Suriano and Andrew Blackman as the band track launches into full flight. Vincent Buchanan-Simpsons’s unique, pressing vocals command the song as he unloads a lyrical narrative that feels as though he’s reading from a diary. It’s punchy, honest, and raw.

url – people/whatever

url’s bedroom pop track “people/whatever” speaks such truth about human nature and the state of love and friendship these days. Not sure if this is true in smaller towns/cities, but in places like LA, New York, London, you run into such assholes. From fair-weather friends to ghosting relationships (seriously dude, just text my mate back), it’s becoming almost unbearable. So THANK YOU to url for putting these experiences in a song.

“I can’t keep playing all these games that we all play; people are stupid.”

Looking forward to seeing how things play out with url in the future. I mean, everyone can’t suck forever, right? (I’m not holding my breath)

FNTN – Angela

Admittedly this track isn’t as angry as some of the others in this playlist, but even amid a shit month, it’s good to mix things up a bit. Right?

Formed on the east coast college circuit, the LA-based FNTN gives off heavy Last Shadow Puppets in their tune “Angela.” Featuring strong vocals, indie pop synths and guitar, and a storytelling quality to the lyrics, “Angela” makes you feel like you’re watching the track performed just for you, in an empty bar in Austin or Portland. It’s intimate and catchy, and fun. We need fun. Let’s have more fun these last few days of January.

Featured image: Springfield Elementary

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