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Sounds: Knox White // Can’t Trust You At All

Knox White is full of soulful pop and lyrics that make you feel slightly sorry in their new tune “Can’t Trust You At All.” The lyrics go through a partner who stays up late at night for this person, texts them without a response, and generally just feels like crap in this partnership.

We’ve all had a relationship where you’re so into a person that you spend half the time overlooking all of the shit they put you through—from flaking out to not responding to texts or phone calls 75% of the time, and then reaching out to come over. It’s not pretty, and it’s sure as hell not fun. And Knox White tells this story well, on top of 80’s inspired groovy instrumentals and a voice that is downright sexy.

‘Dating in Los Angeles (or in general) can be very frustrating. You never know who to trust and this song is the summer anthem for anyone who has experienced that struggle.” – Knox White.

Knox White spent the past few year performing as part of LA based group Goldroom and release a string of his own unique R&B pop blended singles. And, I don’t know about you but I’m looking forward to more music from him—and hopefully a lot less heartbreak.

Here’s hoping whoever screwed them over hears this song and feels utterly like shit.

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