Sounds: ORKID // Melodrama

If Sia and Robyn were to have a lovechild, I’m pretty sure it would sound like ORKID. From the second the song starts, you can’t help but to vibe to the instrumental, which is heavily lathered hip-hop/dance. This tasty track is instantly pleasing to the senses and it will make your body want to move with its satisfying groove.

This Stockholm, Sweden native has honed her sound over the years and at only sixteen has made waves in her country and beyond. With “Melodrama,” she speaks about love and everything that goes along with it, the proverbial highs and lows. She sings, “Only you, you can f*ck up and I’ll stay with you, it can’t be love with no trauma…,” touching upon the imperfections of relationships, also giving way to the realization that nothing is perfect in love and there will be blunt force punches to the gut, even when the writing is evidently on the wall. We’ve all been guilty of looking past those red flags.

Fortunately, there are no red flags to avoid when it comes to this song and you won’t have any regrets with discovering it; unlike who you might’ve woken up next to this morning. That, I can’t help you with. What I can advise, is that you take a listen to this track off of her debut album, “I Don’t Give a Damn” and call me in the morning.

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