Sounds: The Hardly Boys // Saturday Night in the USA

I don’t know about you but my Saturday nights in the USA aren’t nearly as exciting as The Hardly Boys make it sound. These Canadian cats have put together a perfect post-punk picture of dark doomy basements, dark neighborhoods, loud music and dance parties.

In search of a void hidden in the perversion of wholesome Americana, Vancouver-based producers Joey Joel (Run with the Heard) and Matt Papadopoulos (Booker T on Acid) use “Saturday Night in the USA” to explore a place that is slightly unfamiliar.

Our ep is called “The Search for the Electric Void” and this song is right when the boys find themselves in the middle of that void. It’s a chaotic wall of synthesizers, drum machines and verby guitar haze that swallows the listener up teleporting them into the void.

Featuring witchy psych rock and distorted guitars, The Hardly Boys make me want to leave New York City and go find this USA that they are talking about.

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