Video: wwoman // Chuchi

wwoman are from Pittsburgh, Pennsylvania and classify their sound as “depression pop.” They have churned out a video for the song “Chuchi,” which invites you on an adventure through a supermarket that seems to be in some far off place, in another country perhaps, as the tale of a young woman unfolds.

She begins her shopping experience with youthful hope and abandon, as she receives dirty looks from another patron and a paranoid grocery worker who watches her every move. When she discovers a sweet treat down an aisle: negativity be damned! With the shedding of her jacket, comes this renewed sense of purpose and poise. A side note to the story, written by G Smee and directed by Ryan Sheehy, the song becomes the soundtrack to all that is unfolding before your eyes. So dreamy and melodic, it’ll have you floating and two-stepping along with the protagonist before you can even come to your senses.

“wwoman’s G Smee moved from a well off suburban family home directly into an active Florida crackhouse, and stayed for five years. G follows the ‘let’s see what will happen’ game-plan, mostly just to outrun boredom. So it makes sense that a couple years ago, after moving back from the crack house experiment, they sold everything they owned to buy a studio full of old recording equipment that they had no idea how to use. And now, this constantly curious and discontent weirdo has temporarily found a new nook to enjoy.”

Watch the video for wwoman’s “Chuchi” below.

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