Left Bank Weekly Mixtape

Have you heard? It’s Friday.

Each week we put together some of our favorite tunes from the internet in a politely little packaged thing we liked to call our Weekly Mixtape. It’s the only polite thing you’ll get out of us, so enjoy it.

Full playlist on Spotify

Some favorites from the playlist …

Jack M Senff – “Full Decay”

Jack M Senff has the voice of a Greek god and his tune “Full Decay” is a slow and soothing trip down memory lane. Reminiscent of those Jack Johnson songs I used to play during breakups, “Full Decay” is a fulfilled track about a love that is unfulfilled. The track doesn’t try too hard, Jack M Senff knows how to move you using just his voice and instrumentals that don’t overshadow, and the result is the equivalent of laying out on a hammock on a gorgeous summer day.

His recently released album Good to Know You is a collection of songs and stories that deal with the shifting, fickle nature of time and how it stands to inform identity. Casting backwards and forwards, Northern Michigan songwriter Jack M. Senff weaves together small moments of his life in an attempt to examine and explore the greater themes of love and loss, family, change.

Po Et – “Human Issues”

Throw a party at my grave
Body shots for doing great
I didn’t like me
They didn’t like me anyway

Po Et’s first release features songwriting that fully encapsulates the human experience—and sometimes the dark bits that we aren’t too keen on sharing. The track is fully self-produced, written, and performed by her alter ego ‘Po Et’ and features soaring vocals wrapped in a sexy indie-electronic groove.

Vacation Forever – “Chemical Guidance”

Anyone who regularly reads Left Bank knows that we have a big fat crush on Vacation Forever (how could we not?). It’s the new project from Swedish artist Zacharias Zachrisson, and the best way to describe it is Tropical Emo best served on a beachside skate park. It’s everything we believe in here on the Left Bank, and “Chemical Guidance” doesn’t fail.

As a special little gift for making it through this hellacious week, we are also sharing the music video for the track. Don’t worry—the tune is still added to the Spotify playlist too.

ZAYA – “Lady”

Brighton-based tattoo artist and songwriter extraordinaire ZAYA has put out a banger of a tune in “Lady.” Featuring poetic lyrics focused around the empowerment and self-love, “Lady” is a tune that is both strong and liberating.

She is also a widely successful tattoo artist, using delicate, fine-line work to spotlight and raise up the female form, plants and animals.

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