Sounds x Video: The Spirit of Fire // Stray

Have you ever watched a music video and just spent the entire time smiling to yourself because it just makes you freaking happy? That’s how it is with The Spirit of Fire and their video for the track “Stray.”

The Spirit of Fire is a Mexico-based project led by producer and songwriter Diego, in which he focus on the idea that real value comes from honest creative processes, rather than a highly produced source. The Spirit of Fire relies on the wave of ecological consciousness and the fact that new generations value the process of creation and sourcing of materials. The music business is currently unsustainable, which is the main reason why they will try to be a sustainable project while keeping it always about the music.

Girl, say that you want me / And I could be everything that you have ever dreamed of / Girl, say that need me / And I could do everything that you ever want me to do

Watch the music video below.