Sounds x Video: Lyda the Lady // Religion

It begins with a glamorous fantasy of the perfect party, and that fantasy slowly crumbles into chaos as it progresses.

Lyda the Lady has put many New Yorkers’ feelings into visuals with her new music video for “Religion.” The Brooklyn-based queer electronic pop artist and producer exists in a world somewhere between that of Lady Gaga and Grimes, blending elements of pop and dance music to create catchy synth based tracks. In her new track “Religion,” she sings about how much she enjoys the nightlife (we have this in common) and then as the track continues, and the night starts to wane, you catch glimpses of her crying in the shower.

It’s an all-too familiar journey that I both love and hate; as does she.

The director (David Kahawaii) and I thought it was important for me to be alone in the video, because, in the end, the song is essentially about the loneliness that so many of us feel even we are surrounded by people in a club, at a party, or on the bustling streets of New York City. We go to great lengths to convince ourselves that we are having a good time.

Lyda the Lady

Watch the music video below.

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