Premiere: Ike Kawaguchi // City of Angels

If you’re looking for some emo skating music, we’ve got you covered with this new tune from Ike Kawaguchi. The LA-based Japanese-American solo artist had similar upbringings to all of us skate goth punks on the Left Bank—he ran away from home at fifteen to couch surf, skate, and perform in local metal bands. Obviously.

He soon found himself recording and mixing hip-hop records and attending audio engineering school. You hear this hip-hop influence in the tune “City of Angels,” which is giving me early Mac Miller vibes.

Growing restless from performing in metal bands, Ike soon began experimenting with various genres, forming a pop-electronic duo. As Ike continued to play around with various sounds combining his guitar, piano, drums, bass, and vocal skills, he created a new genre he’s named “emo funk.”

Raw, gritty, and authentic, Ike Kawaguchi’s new single “City of Angels” captures the true essence of what it’s like to live in Los Angeles. A beautiful mix of funk, R&B, old-school hip-hop, and some indie pop, “City of Angels” blurs the line between genres. Ike’s half-spoken and half-sung vocals provide an honest, introspective, and hopeful message, painting a realistic picture of the true Angeleno lifestyle.

Listen to it below.

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