Sounds: Summer of George // Cheerleader Blues

Summer of George is my new favorite band—they’ve got neverending summer vibes, guitars that are like a resurgence of Weezer, with angsty vocals reminiscent of Neutral Milk Hotel, and lyrics that make me want to cry. No, I’m not namedropping other bands to make myself look cooler, Summer of George really is the reincarnation of everything we liked about the ’90’s. It’s everything I could want in music. Damnit Germany, why are you so far away?

“Cheerleader Blues” is four minutes of straight hypnosis. It’s the kind of track you wish you had when you were in high school going through your first breakup or when you were fighting with your parents. Boombox not included, but strongly recommended.

The Berlin-based band is made up of transplants from Tel Aviv, Barcelona, Detroit, London, and Liverpool. This confluence of cultures and sounds is what makes the band’s sound so unique—and catchy as hell. “Cheerleader Blues” is layered to perfection, just like the band, and what they put out is nothing if not a reflection of themselves.

Listen to it below.

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