Sounds x Premiere: Jungle Animals // Access

Happy Valentine’s Day my sweet loves on the Left Bank. Do I have a treat for you (see what I did there?).

Brooklyn-based indie pop band Jungle Animals have just put out this incredible new video for their track “Access.” Featuring Ian Holubiak (vocals, keyboards), Rob Guariglia (vocals, guitar, production) and Jen Newman (vocals, key- board), the video cycles through an incredible montage of each of the band members while telling a beautiful story at the same time. Shouts to the Director, Blake Davis, for turning a music video into a downright short film.

Valentines Day feels like a nice day to put something we love into the world!

Jungle Animals

With formative influences that include LCD Soundsystem and The Postal Service, Jungle Animals mix warm, melodic sounds with electro-synth injections that explore the di- chotomy between human relationships and technology, both in their music and lyrics. 

The track is catchy as hell and you feel like you’re part of an intimate session with the band (again, this Director kills). Watch the new video below and have a great Friday night 🙂 As for me, I’ll be cycling through Bridget Jones films and eating takeout.

Featured image credit: Katherine Abbott

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