Sounds: Pastel Waves // Falling

Lo-fi gods Pastel Waves captures the quintessence of a break-up in the tune “Falling.” Fueled by slightly sing-song lyrics that rhyme perfectly and a dare-I-say-it hip-hop drum beat, Pastel Waves gives us a simple tune that hits the heartstrings hard.

This song is about the feeling of being cheated by a person you truly do love and the emotional aftermath that comes with it.

Pastel Waves

What I love about this tune is that where it may lack in complexity, it allows the listener to add their own memories and nostalgia. The lyrics pull you in, the beat is simple enough that you don’t get lost in layers of instrumentation, and Pastel Waves vocals are so pure that you feel like a friend is chatting to you over the phone.

Some tracks don’t need a ton of bells and whistles to hit home. “Falling” is one of those tunes—it’s nothing more and nothing less than a fucking great, and sad, breakup song.