Sounds x Video: Boy Scouts // Get Well Soon

In honour of my cold that has taken hold of my entire weekend, I’m dedicating this post to myself. Boy Scouts released the music video for their track “Get Well Soon” last summer, and since then they’ve released some other really killer tunes, but again, this post is about me and my wallowing in self-pity and DayQuil.

The track features angelic vocals from Oakland-based songwriter and multi-instrumentalist Taylor Vick. It comes across as a track written specifically for you—or her best friend or lover—and really the beauty of Boy Scouts is that its one and the same.

Raised in California’s Central Valley on country music and The Carpenters, Vick picked up her first guitar in fourth grade and started writing her own songs not long after. When her brother got her a four-track cassette recorder, Vick started laying her music to tape, and uploaded a few demos to Myspace (now to Soundcloud and then to Bandcamp). Once she had put together a sizable number of tracks, she started releasing records on her friends’ DIY tape labels.

The music video for “Get Well Soon” takes the poetic, narrative lyrics from the track and brings them to life. Vick sings and plays guitar somewhat despondently on a bright red couch and the whole time you feel as though you’re the one who has a friend who is sick. You’re Vick, she is you. And can this person just get well soon?

Got a thought of you / do you have one too? / I hope you think of you / we all want ya to

The tune “Get Well Soon” is off of her album Free Company out via ANTI Records.

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