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Dylan Gebbia-Richards Solo Exhibition: March 18 – April 18 [NYC]

GR gallery is welcoming back Dylan Gebbia Richards for his first New York Solo Show. Dubbed “Viridescent”, Dylan will be showcasing his raw talent by unleashing 16 new artworks. 

There will be a vast selection of his signature wax pieces in various sizes and he will showcase for the first time ever his experimental glass works, developed last year during his residency at Bullseye Glass project in Portland. Together with these artworks Dylan will also launch his “Gems”, an edition-like body of small 3-D wax pieces.  

“I find the enormity of the natural world awe-inspiring.”


“Viridescent” will force the viewer to take a step back to marvel in the authenticity and size of the new artworks that showcases a hue of breathtaking colors. Creating his own tools and through experimentation with the substances and materials in which he works, Gebbia-Richards extracts only the most unusual and fitting to his vision. Gebbia-Richards gains his inspiration from the vastness of the natural world and his artworks explore aesthetics that merge between the microscopic and macroscopic.

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