Sounds: Mirror Trash // How She Makes Me Feel

Happy Friday Left Bankers! If you’re like me, you’ve decided to give up a thing (or two) for Lent and luckily for me I’ve gotten a bad cold just as I’ve started to give up alcohol. So far so good.

I’m sat at home listening to this new tune “How She Makes Me Feel” from Mirror Trash, which is a smooth bedroom pop tune. The Carlisle, UK-based band doesn’t hold back on emotion on the track, giving us a sweet serenade with low vocals, a soothing guitar, and an interlude that rivals a lullaby.

If you want to start your day off with something that is sweet and soulful, “How She Makes Me Feel” is just the tune to do it. The tune is off their new album Better Days, which you can listen in full on Spotify.

Listen to his (and our) favorite tune “How She Makes Me Feel” below:

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