Sounds: Nicotine Black // Twenty Six

Up-and-coming artist Nicotine Black is like a French Barry White in the making with his new tune “Twenty Six.” Admittedly, we have a french bias (see: our name) but that is wholly beside the point.

The track starts out with a minimalist drum beat, groovy guitar, and soulful vocals, before kicking up the tempo. He sings about being ready to give it all for someone and them having no clue—or being too unavailable to realize it. Which, let’s be honest, we’ve all experienced at some point.

The indie/electro single “Twenty Six” feels like a track that was made inside of a sauna or hot yoga—it’s steamy and sexy, radiating emotion alongside Nicotine Black’s soothing voice and strong lyrics.

The single channels heavy Chet Faker vibes, while giving Nicotine Black the space to make it his own (see: guitar solo towards the end). “Twenty Six” is less of a single and more of a vibe. Remember to wear protection.

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