Sounds: Slowcoaching // Between the Walls

Words by Josh Tolentino

Slowcoaching’s new single “Between the Walls” is an upbeat tune with early indie rock influences that address gender norms.

The Melbourne-based band led by Dean Valentino challenges masculine culture in their chorus,  “Grow a pair, be a guy,” a phrase that men often hear when growing up. Valentino addresses these ignorant phrases head on.

The track shows how difficult it can be for people to find a support system—especially when it comes to emotions. Valentino argues that masculinity often encourages people to find distractions instead of getting to the core of their issues. The line “bourbon & coke will wash away abhorrent traits in your soul” paints this picture clearly.

What makes this track so unique is their ability to address toxic masculinity while also making the song cheerful. When people are vulnerable in a song it can sometimes toe the line of being too preachy, oftentimes berating the listener with the message. However, Slowcoaching encases their themes in old school alternative guitar riffs and smooth vocals, making it a track that’s both memorable and a great addition to any indie playlist.

Listen to it below:

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