She Past Away

Video: She Past Away // Disko Anksiyete

Treat yourself to some sinister synthesizer-driven darkwave with this video from Turkish death meets disco band She Past Away.

Featuring grainy footage that is still far from lo-fi, the music video for “Disko Anksiyete” follows a pair of photographers as they journey to a show at a dark, definitely European nightclub (shot in Athens)—and they get more than they ask for when they arrive. Volkan Caner (what a name) sings entirely in Turkish but even with a language barrier, you are able to feel the visceral emotion in his lyrics.

If Studio 54, Saint Vitus, and Berlin’s Berghain all had a club baby, this music video would be its eulogy. We’re all hiding from monsters, and She Past Away unearths them both gloomily and beautifully.

Watch the music video below:

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