February Favorites // Artists to Watch

It’s a new month and while most of you are headed to SXSW (or at least considering going, in light of the Coronavirus epidemic), I figured it’s a good time to share some recently discovered tracks from artists that we think will lighten up everyone’s spirits.

If you’ve been following us for a while, you know how much we love a good playlist, and admittedly this is one of our favorites. Enjoy and stay safe out there.

-Left Bank team

Vince Staples – “Hell Bound – Ad 01”

Show me someone who doesn’t like skating to Vince Staples. As one of our favorite rappers (of all time, yeah we said it), Staples is back with a poppin’ flow and his quintessential lyrics that make you want to get your ass out of the seat. Or in this case, drop it to the ground. “Hell Bound – Ad 01” dropped in December of last year but if we are being honest, we will probably just put this track on every playlist for the rest of the year because it goes hard.

Dope Lemon – “Hey You (Remix by Cedric Gervais)”

Following Vince Staples feels like a mighty task to undertake, but this new track by Dope Lemon (and remixed by the icon Cedric Gervais) goes hard in its own right. After the rollercoaster that was February, sometimes we just need to get up and dance off all of those bad vibes and “Hey You” remix does that perfectly.

For those who are familiar with Dope Lemon, his sexy indie-folk soulful voice comes creeping into a track and you can’t help but feel slightly lusty afterward. What happens when you mix that with Cedric Gervais is pure nirvana. His vocals play well with the pulsating rhythm of the electronic tune, proving that sometimes things that feel contradictory truly belong together.


There’s no reason to bring the beat back down, as we are already fully on the dance floor after that last track. You’re welcome. DJ ST THOMAS brings all of those Afro-Caribbean vibes that would make my grandparents proud (shout out to Grenada!) in his tune “FODDER.”

DJ ST THOMAS is rising from the ashes of a prior musical project and taking flight in the form of danceable yet somber audio waves. Since releasing “FODDER” he’s also put out “323” and “CENTIMETERS,” which are in the same vein of his other tunes. I’m left wondering, ‘who’s trying to go to Saint Thomas while it’s still winter in NYC?’

Keeble Pipe – “Maze”

By this point you can tell that our February favorites playlist is mostly a bunch of dance and hip-hop tunes to rid ourselves of any seasonal depression that might still be lingering. Enter Keeble Pipe, a songwriter/producer based in London. While I’m impressed that someone in London is able to sing about sunlight with as much feeling as Keeble Pipe (don’t worry, I’ll be moving there soon in solidarity), “Maze” is the kind of track that if you close your eyes really hard, you can picture a beach, surfboards, and a fresh coconut. Seriously, I can’t make this shit up.


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