TOVE // 1,000,000<1

TOVE’s “1,000,000<1” is a blissful, dreamy, psychedelic track that takes you to a land far, far away. Everything about this song is relaxed, hazed out in some kind of foggy mirror. The lyrics follow a relationship between two people that feels simple yet profound—it is inseparable. 

I would follow you anywhere / in a heartbeat I would be there / I would follow you anywhere / where the sidewalk ends / know I’ve been there

The new indie/pop/folk/psychedelic whatever-you-would-like-to-call-them band TOVE is another great group coming out of Sweden. “1,000,000<1” is proof of the atmospheric sensation they are able to create with just a basic guitar riff and the most gentle vocals you could probably imagine. Just as the lead’s vocals drift away up into the clouds, we drift, too. And quite honestly, everything looks better from up here. 

All the dust we see is made of gold / playing ‘60s hits on the radio

Listening to TOVE is like hitching a ride to some transportative indie paradise. This song is like an orange-creamsicle, a sunset, a screencap from a Studio Ghibli movie. It’s a euphoric retreat into somewhere else. Some place I’m sure we’d all like to go.

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