Video: Perspex // Coffeeshop Rock

Giving us a montage of very UK-based imagery, Perspex has made the most fun British music video that I’ve seen in years.

Featuring Michael Cable (Vox/Guitar) in a cow-splattered room (that I swear must be a dressing room), he sings “I”m a musician, don’t you know,” and while the music video is absolutely weird and absurd, I do know it. The York-based band makes everything that they are doing look easy, although it must have taken ages to slice up the found footage interspersed with cuts of the rest of the band—Oliver Howland (Bass), Lewis Livingstone (Drums), and Jack Patterson (Guitar).

Their sound is informed by a mixture of angular guitar music, 70s krautrock, and 60s girl group pop with the marriage of sugary hooks and sonic chaos. And, it really works for them.

What I love most about Perspex, and this music video, is that they don’t take themselves seriously. They just want to make music and have fun doing it, and that’s why I think a lot of us are still around doing this old music stuff.

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