Seen x Linda Gardens: Have Your Cake and Do Whatever The Fuck You Want With It

Brooklyn-based singer/songwriter and indie electropop artist Linda Gardens is easily one of our favorite up-and-coming artists and we are beyond stoked to share this photo collection of hers today. Created with photographer Daniel Foley and makeup & hair stylist Helen Walker (retouches by Keith Greenbaum), this photo collection embodies her latest EP, Real Time, released September 13, 2019.

The photos are a celebration of personal freedom found in self awareness, featuring a 100% vegan cake that I baked just for the occasion. 

The below images are part of the second series Linda Gardens created to visually express the album.

come to the front, display your scars

Real Time is a reflection of coming into ones personal awareness of the present moment, describing the reality of peeling away thick mental layers to address foundations of preconceived notions, and examining who and what has held me back as well as pushed me forwards.

when it hurts to know all the things in my head

I leave the light when I can’t catch my breathe

headaches, heart aches, the dark you find

blinded by a harsh desire

cracking through the weight of when

when my eyes went blind, I started feeling

what’s decided is deceiving

Listen to the full album here

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