Sounds x Mixtape: Father Space Cadet Exclusive Debut

We’re all about shaking things up on the Left Bank and this time we are headed to space to do it (kidding, we are actually on lockdown due to the coronavirus). Enter Father Space Cadet, an up-and-coming Brooklyn-based DJ who occasionally brings along friends for the live show—something being called ‘Father Space Cadet and Posse.’

I was inspired by Deadmau5’s masterclass, making a thousand playlists for Left Bank Magazine, listening to a lot of music and wanting another outlet to share all the tunes that don’t fit on the magazine i.e. all the electronic shit I listen to. It’s also a good excuse for putting on a pink wig, space clothes, and partying.”

Father Space Cadet

Making their debut on the interwebs, we have a curated playlist by Father Space Cadet, featuring primarily house and French dance tunes. We’re never one to say no to a French playlist so sharing this first playlist was a no-brainer. (P.S. make sure your shuffle is off to get the full E X P E R I E N C E).

Stay tuned for more playlists and some debut events in New York City this May. In the meantime, follow their spaced-out journey on Instagram (@fatherspacecadet)

Image copyright Pixabay / Pexels

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