Video Premiere: Juliet Garrett // “Carry On”

London-based singer-songwriter Juliet Garrett has created a beautifully-directed music video for her first single track “Carry On” that is apropos for what is going on in the world presently. Whether you are in self-quarantine, forced to WFH, battling a cold—or worse, “Carry On” (released February 20th) is a necessary respite for the feelings that you might be feeling. Plus, with coronavirus coming on while we are still battling seasonal affective disorder, there are lots of feelings being felt. We are with you.

Created by Nicholas Motyka, the minimalist yet artistic video features Juliet Garrett centered in a beautifully lit room that captures the essence of the track completely. With vulnerability, the video cuts between Juliet staring into the ether and facing the camera, both shots that capture her openness and fragility. She sings, “when the world feels all above you and the sky is tumbling down, let the love in, you’ll find it all around, carry on.”

I wrote ‘Carry On’ a couple of years ago, during an intensely difficult personal time for me. My life as I’d known it had disintegrated around me, and I was struggling to pick up the pieces and move on. The smallest things, like brushing my teeth, or meeting a friend for a coffee, or making it to work on time, had started to seem insurmountably difficult. This was coupled with the helplessness of the political climate at that time — not only did we have this awful, power-hungry, cartoon villain in power committing unspeakable atrocities in the name of America, it also seemed like all around me everybody had given up. There had been so much energy and hope and “resistance” following the 2016 election, and slowly but surely the crowds thinned and the voices died down, my own included, until it seemed we’d all become numb. 

Juliet Garrett

Raised on a remote island by a composer father and a visual artist mother, Juliet Garrett began studying piano and composition at a young age with her dad, and spent her formative years playing in bands in Brooklyn before setting out as a solo artist. When in the city, she regularly performs at New York venues, including Rockwood Music Hall and Mercury Lounge. For the past year and a half, she has been dividing her time between New York and London, playing shows around Europe, and recording her first solo EP with producer Fiona Cruickshank at Air Studios and SNAP Studios in London.

We first met her about a year ago at a Left Bank show in New York City (at Muchmore’s) and have enjoyed following her journey as both a person and as an up-and-coming musician. Both the sentiment in Juliet and her openness in real life is felt—she’s like a breath of fresh air and a warm hug from a friend. (sidenote: I’m going to hug all of my friends once this pandemic is over) (side-side note: don’t forget to tell the people close to you that you love them).

Alright, back to the video.

“The idea for the video initially came from the idea for the abstract environment it would be set in: a person trapped on a solitary white line surrounded by a sea of darkness. There was something that felt energetically right about using that abstraction as the visual for a song called ‘Carry On’ when the only logical action to take place in that environment was movement forward or back. There were probably other and simpler ways to approach this video but with this being the fourth collaboration I’ve done with Juliet, I think a certain amount of trust has developed over the years and she allowed me the freedom to explore and visualize the core of what I think her song is about. I hope these images we’ve created allow for each viewer to experience something a little different that they can keep with them long after the video ends.” 

Director Nicholas Motyka

Watch the music video for “Carry On” below.

Full credits below


Video created by Nicholas Motyka 

Assistant Cinematography / Co-direction Azumi Oe 

Assistant Editor Volney Stefflre 

An Akytom Video 


Music + Lyrics by Juliet Garrett 

Engineered and produced by Fiona Cruickshank at AIR Studios and SNAP Studios, London

Mastered by Cicely Balston at AIR Studios, London 

Additional engineering and production by Oli Swan

Electric Guitar – Matt Calvert

Bass – Chris Hill

Drums – John Blease

Acoustic Guitar + Vox – Juliet Garrett

Album Art

Photo by Reishin Watabe 

Design by Tina Bozsik


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