Sounds x Premiere: Lo Haze // Honeycomb

Forging trauma into beauty
Deep in the silence
I own the void
I own the void

It’s been a hell of a few weeks, and while I can’t personally offer any respite for what is going on across the world, I can do what I do best: give you some good tunes to vibe to and hope it eases the pain/grief/weirdness/sadness/discomfort/etc.

Enter Lo Haze, a 3-piece all female band comprised of a rare breed of Los Angeles natives. Of all the times that I’ve been to Los Angeles (three times), I’ve met at most one Los Angeles native. Already this puts Lo Haze in their own stratosphere.

Formed in 2018, the band—made up of Amanda Erwin on drums, Daniella Lollie on bass and backing vocals, and Stephanie Guerra on rhythm guitar and lead vocals—has made the perfect shoegaze track for these troubling times. “Honeycomb” is surf rock meets a bad cocaine comedown—it’s full of dark, melodic vocals reminiscent of Cocteau Twins, with an almost uplifting, yet submerged guitar.

Full of layers, “Honeycomb” doesn’t overshadow vocals with the rhythm section—everything blends together in perfect harmony. They’ve had a few years to construct and cultivate a sound that works for them. And, this is something that they have done well.

Launching listeners into a universe of deeply emotional and intellectual reflections of human nature and oneself, Lo Haze gives you a soundscape of quintessential California vibes mixed with a layer of instability and anxiety, which is nothing if not reflective of the times we are in.

Listen to the tune “Honeycomb” below.

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