Left Bank Live: Day 1

Today kicks off the first Left Bank Live Virtual Festival and we are stoked! See below for today’s list of performances, where to watch the event, and things to know.

How to Stream

Go to Left Bank’s YouTube page (hint: just click here). // During sets you might need to refresh a few times in order to see the new artist coming to the stage


Things to know

All artists are doing this for free so make sure to “tip” them during their set on Venmo, PayPal, ordering them food through Seamless, etc.

There’s bound to be some glitches so take that with a grain of salt and refresh the page at set change to see the new performer

We will also be streaming it live on our Instagram (see it here) but not everyone will be streaming both places so YouTube is your best bet for getting a constant stream

This couldn’t be possible without the incredible help from the artists, our besties Blonde Artist Management, Bands Do BK, Diet Cokes and Smokes, We Color Live, Rockaway Beach Broadcasting Company, and Altafonte US.

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