Now more than ever is a time to keep creating to preserve our sanity, stay connected with each other, and come out stronger. If you’re like me, you recoil when things get hard or overwhelming, and it takes a lot to come out of your shell (see: me last week). I’m no therapist but I think during this time its good to find balance between being super social (online only y’all) and taking time for self care and mindfulness. Don’t be afraid to rearrange your room so the zen is just right, or to FaceTime your friends every day for happy hour. Just do what feels right and is ultimately healthy for your body, mind, and soul.

With that being said, me and my girl Mona have some good news for you: I’m opening up pitches for new columns, quarantine diaries, essays and poetry that you’re writing, DIY home music videos sessions, etc.

If you want to launch a column, do a podcast, show off knitting on our YouTube channel, share some writing, etc, hit me up. Left Bank is a community and what better time to lean into that than now?

Nothing but love and prayers for safety.



P.S. All of our quarantine art will live on this special webpage.


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