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We’ve got a banging new indie pop meets electronic tune from award-winning LA-based singer Trinity Rose. The youngest contestant ever on “The Voice,” Alicia Keys told her “your voice is stunning” during her audition—so, that’s basically all you need to get a career started. Which, Trinity wasted no time in doing.

She went on to complete GRAMMY CAMP, a prestigious program with alumni including Maren Morris and Billie Eilish, and is collaborating with Heather Holley, multi-platinum songwriter renowned for her work with Christina Aguilera. Not bad for a 17-year-old.

Trinity is gearing up for the release of her track “Morning Text” in May, which any millennial and Gen Z’er can identify with.

“The song is inspired by real life – about someone being way more interested in me than I am in them and me not saying ‘no’ to the attention and the addiction of responding to texts,” Trinity says. “It basically stems from him giving me all this attention. It was super flattering but I was not that into him. I didn’t want to be mean to him, and then I realized I didn’t want to end the texting. In fact, I really enjoyed it!”

Trinity Rose

Been there. Still doing that.

She is currently working on her forthcoming EP Coughing Up Flowers with producers Andrew Dixon and Nic Cannone.

“I think the vibe of ‘Morning Text’ is a lot of fun and different from what I have recorded before. This is me developing and exploring other genres and discovering who I am as an artist. I’m excited to continue that journey on the new EP.”

Trinity Rose

Listen to “Morning Text” on Songspace.

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