Monday Mixtape feat. Sometimes Chad, Perfect Posture, and Emmett Kai

It’s a wild time right now and there’s very little that I can personally offer you as a resolve. But, wait before you leave this webpage, perhaps I can offer some comfort in a carefully-curated mixtape. Featuring a lot of feel good tunes, and a couple REALLY loud ones, this mixtape will hopefully get you through another week of working (or crying) from home.

Playlist highlights

Sometimes Chad – “Sweater”

As soothing as rosebud salve on chapped lips, “Sweater” by Fort Lauderdale, Florida-based band Sometimes Chad is everything you need to go along with that glass of wine. Sometimes Chad and their track “Sweater” has two things in common with my quarantine: I’ve been wearing an egregious amount of comfy sweaters and watching Tiger King (which features a lot of interviews with people in Florida). We’re bonded by this moment.

The track is about loving something that’s slowly killing you … [and is] inspired by listening to a lot of Daniel Johnston and Beat Happening

Sometimes Chad

Perfect Posture – “Older”

I remember when this track first came across my desk and I listened to it no less than five times—the soothing synths and the lyrics wrapped in nostalgia brought me way, way back.

The songwriting project of producer/multi-instrumentalist Patrick Budde, Perfect Posture is so reminiscent of Beach House it physically hurts, but while they both exhibit strong songwriting, Perfect Posture is a lot more accessible. With lyrics that toe the line of folk or blues, and laid on top with danceable synths, Perfect Posture knows how to cut deep and also sooth you at the same time.

Their tune “Older” is like a quarantine lullaby that I don’t want to stop listening to.

The Spirit of Fire – “Belle”

In case you haven’t realized, this playlist is music discovery wrapped in ‘warm and fuzzy vibes’ because the current state of the world is more like:

Alright, let’s bring it back.

The Spirit of Fire is a musical project that seeks to generate immersive musical experiences that reflect real situations of human emotion through a modern lens. The project led by producer and songwriter Diego, his track “Belle” features soulful vocals, church-like vocal harmonies that even Kanye would approve of, and a gorgeous music video. What more could you want or need from a track right now?

Aaron Taos – “Higher”

The Spirit of Fire took us to church and now Aaron Taos is taking us to Shangi-La with his tune “Higher.” Full of positivity that is actionable, Aaron Taos tells us exactly what to do when we are feeling down. I still can’t decide if he’s talking about smoking pot or meditating, but if I’m being honest with myself, he’s probably talking about both.

Have you ever listened to a track and couldn’t stop smiling because it instantly made you feel 100% better? That’s what “Higher” is.

Emmett Kai – “Taste the Sunset”

Songwriter, producer and indie-label owner Emmett Kai knows a thing or two about making a good track. That is obvious since the release of his first album Baby Hits!, playing sold out shows on both coasts, and getting his music placed on Broad City.

Yeah, kind of like that.

Featuring Emmett’s soulful voice and R&B meets electronic production, “Taste the Sunset” is a little piece of Bali in Brooklyn.

Listen to the full playlist here:

Featured image: Sometimes Chad by @spinstyle