The stages of quarantine [a photo diary]

Now entering our fourth week of quarantine in New York City, I wish I could say that things are getting (or feeling) better, but that would be a lie. The climate in New York is downtrodden—rightfully so—as the coronavirus crisis continues to grow.

In these uncertain times, it’s hard to watch the news too often, as you can get lost in a rabbit hole of human interest stories, photojournalism of hospitals and makeshift morgues, and find yourself in a place that is reminiscent of a nihilistic breakdown. I’ve tried avoiding the news for a day or so, and then found myself awake for three hours from 3-6 a.m. catching up on everything that I missed the day before.

As I write for work and my freelance jobs, I thought it would be more cathartic to make a photo diary entry of my mercurial moods during this time.

Prior to quarantine starting in New York, I had a pretty bad cold so I spent about 2 weeks at home already

Credit: South Park

I finally got better and headed to the office, ready to see all of my coworkers and make up for lost time

Credit: Mean Girls

Spent a few days working harder than I had all year, and let me tell you, that felt great

Credit: Office Space

After a few days, we were all told we had to work from home.

Credit: Real Housewives / Bravo

Which I then started to … acclimate to. By the third week, I discovered the greatest TV ever made

Credit: Tiger King / Netflix

Finally, someone who understands me

Credit: Tiger King / Netflix

Left Bank Live was obviously a highlight, but nothing could compare to Tiger King. For a moment, I thought Cuomo might run for President.

Credit: Democratic National Convention

And everyday I wonder how Tr*mp is still President. Like really, it keeps me up at night.

Credit: Republican National Convention

The current state of the world has me feeling like this

Credit: Alice in Wonderland / Disney

I spent a few hours of the day thinking this

Credit: Love and Other Drugs / Giphy

Most days, admittedly, I feel like this

Credit: That 70’s show / Giphy

It’s not an easy time and when I get really despondent, I turn to humor to stop me from falling in a deep, unrelenting depression

Credit: Spirited Away / Giphy

So, if you’re anything like me or have been experiencing any of these emotions the past few weeks, here’s a gif from me to you

Stay healthy, please stay inside, wash your hands, practice gratitude, donate how and when you can, and stay blessed.

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Featured image credit: VH1 Scared Famous / Giphy

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