Sounds: Treasure // Slow Dance

We can slow dance
In the moonlight

If you took Kid Cudi vocals and dropped them on top of a Tame Impala or Flaming Lips track, you would get Treasure and his new tune “Slow Dance.” Almost whispering the lyrics, Treasure recreates a scene of love, trust, protection, and grief that feels both like a cautionary tale and a wistful reverie.

The 2nd track from his forthcoming project Suffocation & Air, “Slow Dance” features Treasure’s soulful vocals, downtempo elements that you find in other tracks of his, and a quintessential East London sex appeal that quite literally is heard through my headphones.

This track is a post-quarantine baby maker.

Slow Dance is about the overcoming of glum through mutual affection.”


Listen to “Slow Dance” below.

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