Premiere: People Years // Animalism

Happy Wednesday everyone! With most of the world in quarantine and Bernie Sanders recently dropped out of the US presidential race, it’s easy to lose sight of the good things in life—there’s so much crap right now, admittedly.

We are here to brighten up your day just a bit if you’ll let us, with an exclusive album stream from People Years.

The four guys in the Birmingham, Alabama-based band have been in a pile of good bands through the years (Warm in The Wake, Sea Fix, Heath Green and The Makeshifters, Vulture Whale, Cosmonaut on Vacation, Through The Sparks, Terry Ohms); some short-lived, some longer-lived; most eventually fizzling and giving way to the weight of life, bad luck, or simply the need to move on and do something different.

Anchored by the songwriting and production of Chris Rowell, funky guitars, and soaring keys, and you’ve got an album that is wrapped in the kind of good energy that we could really use right now. Reminiscent of ’60’s psychedelia meets NASA-level outer space vibes, People Years have given us a spring album that aurally engages and lifts spirits.

Stream Animalism below.

P.S. My favorite track on the album is “Commonly Known” … it’s giving me hardcore BODEGA meets The Pretenders vibes.

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