Review: War Strings // My Alien Heart

Los Angeles band War Strings is one of those artists that produces a tune that is best suited for an afternoon (and evening) on the boardwalk in Venice with nothing but your board and headphones. Their track Tragedy is one of those ‘grab your skateboard and go’ kind of tunes—it gets stuck in your head and will be lodged there for a few hours. You’ve been warned (in a good way).

They recently released the tune “My Alien Heart” which is like an edgier answer to Weezer’s lighthearted California reverie. With vocals that engulf you like a wave and striking guitars, “My Alien Heart” pulls you in almost instantly and keeps you there for the whole of the track. You can feel the pain and passion expressed in the lyrics—War Strings doesn’t give you a break on the emotion—and by the end of the tune you feel like you’ve been punched in the gut.

I can honestly say that I’m looking forward to seeing where War Strings goes—with their career and also the music that they produce.

Listen to “My Alien Heart” below.