Premiere: Ancient Whales // Giving

When everyday involves working from home and being in quarantine, it feels a little weird saying happy almost Friday, but what the hell, I’m going to say it anyway. Happy almost Friday, Left Banker’s.

A band that thrived in the underground house show scene, and became a favorite at festivals, with their garage rock meets psychedelic undertones, punk tendencies and pop melodies, Florida-based band Ancient Whales have something proper for us today.

They’ve just released their track/video “Giving” — a 1990’s style video that follows Enoch and Natalie’s journey to meet up with Oakley and make their way backstage at a show in Miami. Spoiler alert: the video was filmed at the Black Lips record release show, and features video work by Miami artist Super Dashi.

The band has seen an evolving line-up of music masterminds over the past 10 years, including Bryan Poole (Of Montreal, The Late B.P. Helium) and Shaun Ringsmuth (Street Sects), and currently featuring Oakley Munson (The Black Lips) on drums.

The Ancient Whales approach is to ask, “What would this look like if it were simple?” and they’ve captured the almost unattainable ability to be both simple and cool in their new music video. Watch it below.

The LP Vestiges of Tails Appears in All of Us comes out April 24.


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