Review: Gemini Eye // The Hierophant

“I have lost all desire to make a go of it,” is how the track “The Hierophant” starts out—and yeah, life is kind of like that.

Gemini Eye have managed to make a kickass, totally danceable, almost moshable track that feels more than apropos given today’s social and cultural climate.

The hierophant is traditionally a deeply holy figure, an interpreter of sacred mysteries. In a tarot deck, the hierophant card represents everything righteous and sacred, opportunities for learning, and the wisdom of tradition — characters the person in this song will never possess, no matter how hot they drink their Lucozade. But then… are you any better for confronting them?

The Hierophant is the second single from the album Murdered Arc Remains, an album that explores the limitations imposed on humanity by language—released February 2020.

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